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Five Things to Make the Wait for Your Baby Exciting

Five Things to Make the Wait for Your Baby Exciting

If you think pregnancy is a roller coaster ride, then you are mistaken.

Undoubtedly the mood swings and fluctuating hormones keep the mother engaged. 

However, for the father and the rest of the family, pregnancy is no less than incessant waiting for the due date. Thankfully, now you can gamify parenting or do something even more fun to make the wait a little less daunting. Wondering what? Dive in to find out!

#1 The CoCrow App

So, this is a fantastic way to keep your friends, family, and acquaintances engaged while they wait for the baby. CoCrow is an application where you and your squad (you might call it a family) can register and try your luck at guessing the due date. Yes, you heard it right! You get 100 coins at the start of the game and you can use some of it to enter the game book your due date slot. The same goes for other people and the closest guess to the due date wins. 

The fun part is still there. Even after the baby is born, you can use the app to assign tasks to your kid. As soon as they complete their task, they get stars for it, and for the stars they get, you can decide their rewards accordingly. Now, that’s what we call a win-win! 

#2 Go Shopping

The next thing you can do is go shopping. What can be more fun than getting those adorable baby outfits- jumpers, mittens, cute pink dresses, unicorn headbands, everything? You can go online and shop for a bit or hop in at your nearest retail outlet for baby outfits, toys and more. Trust us when we say this- you are going to have the time of your life when you go shopping cutest Lil things. 

#3 Start Revamping the Nursery

With the baby onboard and everything, you can help the expecting parents to decorate their nursery. Ranging from selecting the theme and making the cradle to adding a few quirky elements here and there, you are going to love the process! 

#4 Read Read and Read

When they say “it takes a village to raise a kid”, they are right! The parents are going to need all the help they can get. So, if you are close to them or by any chance the godparents of the baby or close friends/ family of the parents, reading parenting books can be a great idea. They are insightful and at times hilarious! Yes, being a nerd is fun when you read parenting books! 

#5 Plan fun gatherings

Typically the expecting parents don’t get enough time to socialize or step out of their homes. If you know someone who is expecting, you can plan fun gatherings at their place. They might be in no condition to host, but you can always take the liberty to get some takeaways for them or do a fun CoCrow session when everyone is fed up with the wait for the due date. 

It’s a wrap! While you are busy planning stuff for the new member of the family, we would like to bid adieu until the next time.

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