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The birthday of a child is such a significant event in every parent’s life. With CoCrow’s Guess the Date Game, it becomes much more entertaining to kick off the fun at the Baby Shower. The Due Date Game consists in guessing the child’s day of birth. You and your guests will surely remember this cheerful game long after the baby shower is over.

What is this Game All About?

You might ask what is the point of this game? The main purpose of this game is to get your guests, relatives, or friends intrigued by guessing the exact date of your baby’s birth. Let your friends and relatives fill the Due Date slot with their best shot. 

The trick here is that even if the mother-to-be knows an approximate date of birth, there is no guarantee that it will 100% be the same. As you can see, the Parenting game can be a fun activity, not to mention that it always is a great gift for the mom-to-be. 

Break the Outdated Norms

It can be a great ice breaker game to make your guests feel at home and an entertaining game to be played during the whole evening. Experience the unique concept of gamified parenting. Instead of the boring gender reveal parties, sign up on CoCrow to draw speculations about the due date. You try your luck and guess the closest date to win the reward!

CoCrow is a medium for parents and family members who wish to spice up their pregnancy or parenting experience. It is created for entertaining parents. CoCrow is all about giving you a tailored enriching experience while protecting your personal information. It has a distinctive concept and a unique, beautiful interface.

Sign up. Play. Explore.

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