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Here’s what a would-be Mom should know About Pregnancy and Due Dates

Here’s what a would-be Mom should know About Pregnancy and Due Dates

What time will my child be born? Is it determined by the date your doctor gave you, an ultrasound, or your most recent menstrual cycle? These queries seem sensible. There are probably hundreds of pregnant ladies out there who thought they knew exactly when they would give birth. They went to their first appointment with the doctor, who then rescheduled them. Reading this blog, you can better understand how doctors determine your due date.

A particular day becomes highly significant when you are pregnant. That day and date are called your due date. You schedule your activities around this date since you are aware that it will change everything starting mentally, physically, and even emotionally. Traditionally, the last menstrual period is used to determine due dates. However, there are new recommendations for doctors to follow that guarantee, women are given the most precise due date possible.

Factors to look for During Pregnancy Due Date 

The first day of your last cycle typically occurs 280 days (40 weeks, or around ten months; commonly referred to as ten lunar months) after the day you were due. If your cycles are irregular or are not 28 days apart, your due date for pregnancy may deviate from the “280-day norm.” Therefore, your doctor may do an ultrasound to determine your due date properly. If you are certain of the date of your conception, please let your doctor know (the date you became pregnant). You can use this information to determine when you should anticipate giving birth (EDD).

Ultimate Procedure: Ultrasound

To assess how long you have had an irregular cycle before getting pregnant, an ultrasound is usually done. An ultrasound is the most precise way to date a pregnancy because all fetuses typically grow in the first and early second trimesters of pregnancy.

In other words, regardless of when you last had a cycle, you are considered to be nine weeks and two days along if your baby measures that size during an ultrasound. Some women with normal cycles wonder why their ultrasound due date doesn’t coincide with the end of their most recent menstrual cycle. Because ovulation is not a precise science, it can happen earlier or later than anticipated, changing your due date for a pregnancy.

That’s okay… Your plans won’t change if there is a few-day or even a week-long delay. Instead, your doctor will base his or her decision on the ultrasound’s estimated due date.

Your Baby is way too small or big? Here’s what doctors say

Can I  give birth earlier or will I need to adjust my due date? At each pregnancy checkup beyond 20 weeks, your doctor will measure your belly. That measurement should equal your gestational age in centimeters. If you measure less or more significantly than you should be, the doctor could schedule an ultrasound. They will be able to determine whether the difference is the result of the baby’s real size, the volume of fluid surrounding the baby, or simply how you are carrying the baby by doing this. If the infant is smaller or larger than it should be, hidden worries may cause the widening gap. For instance, mothers who have uncontrolled diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational) have children who are abnormally big.

And Finally…..

If you know when your baby is due, your healthcare practitioner will be able to accurately track your baby’s growth. Knowing your precise pregnancy due date will assist your healthcare practitioner to maintain track of these tests and manage preterm labor if it occurs because certain laboratory tests change throughout your pregnancy.
Consult a midwife or a doctor as soon as you find out you are pregnant. This allows them to plan your prenatal (antenatal) care and make sure you get all the support and information you need to have a safe pregnancy.  What a woman goes through during this period, only she knows it. It is a difficult yet happy phase for the would-be parents and for the mother. You can make this precious phase of your parenthood and pregnancy more memorable, fun, and informative with the CoCrow app. This app lets you and your closed one select the duedates of your delivery and whoever gives the appropriate answer gets reward points in return. This app also helps in making your child learn basic skills by assigning them easy tasks. This app is a lifesaver for all those parents.

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