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Step into the Exciting World of CoCrow’s Gamified Parenting

Step into the Exciting World of CoCrow’s Gamified Parenting

The term “gamified” means pretty much what you think it does: make something fun into a game. Right! So moreover, it is a journey that can be made fun and memorable. In a mother’s life, pregnancy & motherhood come as one of the most magical stages. You can play with friends and family, CoCrow’s guess the due date game. Furthermore, you can explore gamified parenting and draw speculations on the baby’s due date.  

How to play the Due Date game?

First of all, install the CoCrow application. By adding a phone number and other formalities you can join the game. As a bonus, you will get 100 points for playing the game. Let’s look further at the steps and rules to play the game. 

Invite and Play

  • Now comes the real fun. Invite your friends and family. Create your game & add your family and friends.
  • Everyone must fill up their details and add their desired amount of coins to start the game.
  • A maximum of 360 participants can participate in the game.

Try your luck at guessing the date

  • Suppose the doctor gives a date of 6th Dec. So you can guess up to 1 month- before the date & after the due date.
  • The guessing time is divided into 4 slots: 24, 12, 6, 4hrs. 
  • For example, both members in the game guessed a date of 12th Dec. To overcome this problem, the time is divided into four slots.  
  • Whoever chooses first,  the nearest date & time will win the game.
  • The next time you play the game you can use the winning points.

Wrap Up

Now, as you know what CoCrow is all about & how to play the due date game. Try out once to make your parenting journey memorable. Generally, friends & relatives prefer to do baby showers and boring gender reveal parties. But due to covid people started avoiding meeting physically. So, connect with your friends and family. CoCrow has developed a unique concept of “gamified parenting”. For more details contact our experts.

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