Reward Point Programs – The Winning Formula to Encourage Your Child

Reward Point Programs - The Winning Formula to Encourage Your Child

Rewards points can be an effective way to help your child stay focused, organized, and motivated. From setting clear goals to selecting appropriate rewards, this guide provides everything you need to know about creating a successful reward point system for your child. Establish Reward Points Goals and Tracking System Establishing reward points goals and creating […]

Grow with Outgrown – List, Approve, and Trade Your Growing Kid’s Items

Outgrown is the perfect platform to help parents get the most out of their growing kid’s items. With our secure platform, you can list any unwanted items and have them approved in no time. You can then trade these items easily, either donating or selling them – saving money and helping the environment at the […]

Rewards Program for Kids: How to Register and Assign Tasks

Rewards Program for Kids How to Register and Assign Tasks

Looking for a fun way to encourage your kids to complete their tasks and reward them for their hard work? Look no further! With our Rewards Program, parents can easily register their kids, assign tasks, and provide rewards when the tasks are completed. Start motivating your kids today with our rewards system! Register for the […]

Parenting Just Got Better with Cocrow App & Its Due Date Guessing Game!

Parenting Just Got Better with Cocrow App & Its Due Date Guessing Game!

Are you ready to have some fun with parenting? With the Cocrow App, you can guess your baby’s due date and win rewards if your prediction is correct. All you have to do is select a slot and make your prediction – start having some fascinating fun with parenting now! Download and Install the Cocrow […]

How to Help Kids Develop a Sense of Being Heard and Valued


Feeling empowered and in control of your life is important for kids’ development. Giving children a sense of autonomy over their day-to-day lives and providing the opportunity to be heard and valued are key steps to helping them build the self-confidence they need to cope with difficult choices and situations. Here is a guide on […]

How to Empower Kids Through Decision-Making and Responsibility

How to Empower Kids Through Decision-Making and Responsibility

Allowing children to make their own decisions and take responsibility empowers them to grow with confidence and build healthy life skills. Creating an environment where kids are encouraged and supported as they develop their decision-making abilities can help them navigate difficult situations, learn problem-solving skills, and become more independent. Start Simple: Provide Choices A great […]

<strong>5 Parenting Norms and Boundaries Everyone Should Set</strong>


As a parent, it’s important to consistently set expectations in order to provide structure in the home. Here are five fundamental norms and boundaries you can use when outlining your family’s rules – from consequences to consequences that apply – so your children have a safe and secure environment in which to grow up. Establish […]

<strong>Addiction Preventing Tips for Your Kids – Four Steps</strong>


​​Addiction to screens and technology is a growing concern for many parents, and it’s important to take steps to ensure that your child is using screens and technology in a healthy and balanced way. Here are four steps you can take to help your kids avoid addiction: #1: Help your child understand their goals:  It’s […]

Five Tips to Build Self-Esteem in Kids

Five Tips to Build Self-Esteem in Kids

Self-esteem is an important part of a child’s overall well-being and involves having a positive sense of self-worth and self-acceptance. Here are five tips to help you build self-esteem in your kids: #1: Show your kids unconditional love everyday:  One of the most important things you can do to build self-esteem in your kids is […]